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Why Choose Barrie Karate?

Barrie Karate was founded in 1997 in it’s original form by Mr. Dan McDougall. We continue to provide solid traditional martial arts instruction to children and adults of all ages through our primary style of Okinawan Goju-ryu. What makes us unique in our area is the special way we interact with students and families and create an environment of growth so that we all develop to our fullest potential.  This is true no matter what our age or ability levels. Our instructors are highly trained and effective at developing trust and rapport, and the result is a karate school that students and 

families just want to be associated with.  We offer classes for children aged 4 to 7 in our Lil’ Dragons program, as well as classes for ages 8 to 12 in our junior karate program.  We also offer classes for teens and adults.

Our Students And Families Love Barrie Karate!

My family is loving our experience at Barrie Karate. They have an awesome mix of teachers and a very welcoming community of learners. We couldn’t get happier with our decision to join.

Kevin Fabris

Love the mix of training and humour, great for their ages to keep it both serious and light.

Andrew Barnett

My son loves going to his Karate class. The teachers are amazing and it’s been really helping him with his focus and overall behaivour. Highly recommend.

Sarah Newham

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