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Barrie Karate was founded in 1997 by Dan McDougall. Barrie Karate continues to provide solid traditional martial arts instruction to children and adults of all ages. We offer lessons in Okinawan Goju-ryu. What makes us different is our unique way of interacting with students so that they grow and develop to their full potential, no matter what their age or ability. Our instructors are highly trained and effective at developing trust and rapport, and the result is an environment that students want to be in.


Olivia loves attending Barrie Karate (the Dojo). The teachers (Sensai) are so well disciplined to be working with such a large group of young children. I appreciate the hard work and dedication they show in teaching my child. It is a great place to learn and grow. I cannot wait to see how she develops. I have already noticed her applying some of the lessons she has learned at home.
Jesseca Perry

My son Cooper has been interested in karate for awhile. We went into Barrie Karate and the welcoming and staff were fantastic. My son says a five star rating guaranteed. He is so happy to be a part of Barrie Karate. Do not hesitate to join it is well worth it. 👍🏻

Rob Embury

We came to Barrie Karate to help our son develop build self esteem, confidence, respect, discipline. Matthew attended the classes a few times already and every after each class he can’t wait to return for more. The teachers (Sensei) are friendly, knowledgeable, and provides a safe environment/program for the children.
Margarita Kristina Chaves

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