Black Belt Club

Striving For Excellence

The Black Belt Club (BBC) is an association of students who have set getting a Black Belt as their martial arts goal.  During a special 12 month program, students have the option to engage in an accelerated training schedule to facilitate reaching this goal, while simultaneously striving for excellence in all aspects of life.

BBC students can be recognized in class by the red uniform top and the BBC triangle patch on their left shoulder.  BBC students participate in several areas of training that are not covered in the basic program.

And as always, students of Barrie Karate, enjoy flexible use of our class schedule, two classes per week.  Our Family Plan offers the first two family members at full price, and all other members are free on our basic program, making further family members only responsible for the difference.

Our Extended Time Guarantee allows you to get what you pay for, unlike a typical membership at a gym for example.  If you were to take an extended absence for a legitimate reason, Summer Vacation or even a Covid related reason, we would add that time onto the end of your program so you don’t ever lose it.

To qualify, a student must be dedicated to Black Belt Excellence, demonstrate advanced technique and be nominated by passing their instructor’s evaluation.  As a member of the Black Belt Club, he/she is looked up to by others as an inspiring model of skill and dedication!

Being a member of the Black Belt Club testifies to the student’s high level of dedication to, and proficiency in, the martial arts.  Certain benefits and privileges are made available to members as a way of both rewarding their commitment and supporting them in their quest to perform at their highest potential.

It is common among Black Belt Club Members to take a leadership role in the classroom and outside of the school.  By joining the illustrious Black Belt Club, you are letting everyone know that you goals are the highest.

What Are Our Objectives?

Overall, the objective of the Black Belt Club is to help its members attain their personal best.  As Martial Artists, emphasis will be placed on skill and technique, but we should also always strive to develop our personal skills in order to grow in a well-rounded fashion.  The Black Belt Club endeavors to cultivate even further several personal qualities that were instilled in the first year of Martial Arts training.  These qualities will surely enhance your ability to cope with life’s challenges.

Positive Self-image – Having a healthy and positive self-image is a key to becoming a Black Belt.  The image you have of yourself is what you project to others; valuing and believing in yourself ensures that others will too.  If you expect respect from others and act in ways that deserve respect, you will get it.  Never be ashamed of your abilities.  Have a healthy self-esteem!

Pride – Pride is having justifiable self-respect for yourself and your abilities.  It is the quality that makes you perform at your best every time.  Since you value yourself, you will function at your full potential, always!  Don’t be associated with mediocrity; Martial Artists prefer excellence and victory!

Courage – Courage is the ability to conquer your fear and doubt.  It does not mean doing something in the absence of fear, but finding the confidence inside you to continue on the path towards long-term goals.  Fear is the most common of all emotions; everyone experiences it.  Courage is the Black Belt Club Champion’s chosen response to fear because it will prevent you from being intimidated by the prospect of failure.  It is also a characteristic that only winners possess since this is the quality that drives you to give something extra when it feels like you can’t give anymore.