Junior Karate

(ages 8 to 12)

RESPECT, DISCIPLINE AND CONTROL are three areas that are taught and stressed from the beginning.

Karate Begins & ends with Respect

RESPECT is shown in the Martial Arts in a variety of ways. All classes commence with a formal bow to show respect and appreciation of our instructors. Polite greetings and proper mannerisms are other ways we demonstrate respect, in and out of the school.


DISCIPLINE is important for a student to gain proper progress. One must develop the discipline to attend classes on a regular basis and to put forth the necessary effort in class. Discipline to stick to one’s goal is part of your learning process.

Always Be In Control

CONTROL is stressed to ensure that the Martial Arts is never misused or abused. A student must also learn about breathing control, emotional control, and control of one’s actions and attitudes. Most of our students attend an average of two to three classes per week. We ask that all of our students promote a good image for the Martial Arts and be a positive representation of our philosophies. Training and practice should always be in a suitable area. Showing off or demonstrating skills in public areas is discouraged. Karate is for defense only!

Students should never use their skills for offensive purposes. Skills should only be used for protection of self or loved ones.