Teens & Adults

(ages 13 & up)

Focused & Enjoyable Training

At the Teen/Adult level (ages 13 and up) training becomes more focused and serious. We offer a tempered martial arts workout. We also offer Lessons in Mindfulness, a comprehensive adult program which supplements your physical martial arts training.

Developing Confidence

In the Adult and Teen Programs you will develop one of the best self-defense techniques available; CONFIDENCE. As a confident individual who has learned to set goals and follow through, your training at Barrie Karate will challenge you just above your limitations. This creates a sense of accomplishment that’s hard to duplicate and the result is strong, confident and conditioned students who are working hard to transform their bodies and minds through Karate training.

Consistent & Effective Training

Students train twice per week learning basic karate skills, self-defense and kata. Students have the option to train 3 times per week and our class schedule is extremely flexible. Once confidence and control are developed, students begin to practice kumite and kobudo.